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    Champ card process

    Posting this in General Discussion, as it just makes more sense than having to chase people down and pull them into special subforums and such. It's not like a little transparency hurts anything here. If you've won a champ card, please use this process going forward.

    For those with cards that have already been talked about some in threads or are lingering in email limbo, give me a week or so to chase stuff down and get balls rolling. If you don't hear from me, send me an email once you know what you want to propose.


    Step 0) Art

    Contact Tom/AJ (tom(at), aj(at) to work out what you would like to do for your art. We will not hold up a print run to wait for some art piece to finish, so get this started as early as possible.

    Step 1) Design check

    Send your proposed card to me (cetonis(at), and I'll work with you on getting the initial version worked out and copy the other designers as needed. Any information about your overall goals, what the most important effects or symbols to you are, etc. should be included.

    The primary concerns at this point are proper symbol selection, text length, templating, duplication of upcoming cards, and some basic guidelines. (i.e. we don't bring cards back from RFG, we don't perma-reveal hands, etc.)

    Of course, the power level needs to be somewhere in the right ballpark as well, and we might just stop something if there's some clear and obvious broken combo danger.

    Step 2) Power level initial check

    Once the design team is happy, other champ committee members will be copied on the email chain. The goal here is to make sure that the power level is just about right for a champ card of its type, and of course to initial-check for combos with upcoming cards or such. The champ may or may not be looped in to every reply.

    Step 3) Approval for PT

    When the committee and champ are both happy, Jason will need to okay the card before it can go to playtest.

    Step 4) Playtest

    A more thorough power level check is run by playtest. The champ may not "veto" power level changes, but they may request to scrap the current card and go back to the email stage to work on a different approach. If all goes well in step 2, this stage will be more about checking for specific deckbuilds and combos that could be an issue, and less about messing with stats.

    Step 5) Print

    Every 6 months or so, any completed champ cards will be made available via on-demand print packs. Each champ will also receive a number of copies of their card(s).


    General balance guidelines

    - Characters: So long as it doesn't dominate the format or become the clear best choice for most decks on a symbol or something, it should be fine.

    - Assets: While "fake assets" will probably always happen in sets from time to time, we'd like to avoid doing this with champ assets.

    Also, given the nature of assets we need to be careful not to outclass a huge swath of the competition on its symbols. One asset that's a little too good can doom a dozen otherwise solid ones to dust collection.

    - Actions: These are similar to assets, though they sometimes get a little more deck space. Avoid fake actions, and anything that is so clearly-better as to stop a wide class of others from seeing play.

    - Foundations: This is of course the toughest one to handle. It's a subjective measure, but if there are decks that are going to feel "strictly worse" without a proposed champ foundation, it should be a fairly narrow class at most.

    After that, it's fine if the card is a nice (but not necessary) option to have for a bunch of decks on its symbols, just so long as it's not every single deck or a case where the card is clearly better at some basic mechanic than every other foundation available.
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