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Thread: Bryn Sullivan Memorial Draft in Santa Clara, CA on Nov 2, 2013

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    [EDIT] Bryn Sullivan Memorial Draft in Santa Clara, CA on Nov 9th, 2013

    EDIT: I haven't been following UFS too closely, and missed the conflict with the PTQ. I have moved the date back a week so everyone can attend.

    Hello there UFS fans,

    If you started learning how to play in the Bay Area, you probably know Bryn Sullivan. He was the major promoter of UFS for many years, until he gave it up once Fantasy Flight took over. Always willing to teach, give cards, or run events, he was a do-er, and those rare people deserve to be cherished.

    Last week he decided to end his life. Details are scant. There was no note or hints. It was likely related to losing his job. But none of that changes the fact that he is gone.

    He was most active in the UFS community, so I figured that would be the appropriate way to commemorate him. To that end, I am putting together a memorial tournament in his name.

    When: Nov. 9th 2013, 3PM
    Where: Game Kastle, Santa Clara, CA (
    What: Legacy UFS Half Draft
    How Much: Free

    The half-draft is a format inspired by the limited events Bryn ran, that hooked me and others into UFS. Each player will open 3 packs, and then draft 3 packs to complete the deck. Symbols will be ignored, and if you don't open a character you can use the universal fighter. I have a bunch of legacy packs, from Streetfighter to Higher Caliber, and will be donating them for the event. Gamekastle will probably be donating some prizes as well, so this looks to be a fairly unique event.

    If you are interested in attending, please send me an email at . Didn't know Bryn? That's OK. Show up, have fun, and enjoy the legacy he left behind.

    If you are interested in donating prizes or bringing food, please let me know so I can coordinate.
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    We will send some support your way.

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    Jesus christ.
    Bryn was one of my old school UFS chat buddies.
    We'll pour one out at the Nevada PTC for him as well.

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    Magnus and I could go if it wasn't on the same weekend as the Las Vegas PTC.

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    You may want to bump it one weekend later as that weekend coincides with Vegas PTC. I'll try my best to make it. I remember that Bryn from tons of events with SuperStars and up and down CA. Sorry to hear the bad news.
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    I am shocked and saddened to hear that Bryn is no longer here with us. True, he and I had a major falling out about 4 yrs ago after being as close as brothers for a few years before that, but I never harbored him any ill-feelings. I won't be able to make this event as I will be participating in the UFS Pro Tour Circuit event occuring that weekend in Vegas. I will honor his memory by competing my very best in the game he taught me how to play. The truth is, everytime I play a game of UFS, I can't help but think of Bryn with much grattitude for teaching me how to be competitive at this wonderful, wonderful game! I will always choose to remember the good times he and I shared as friends. May he find the rest and peace wherever he is now, that he could not while he was here with us.

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    Thanks for everyone letting me know of the conflict. I have contacted Gamekastle and we have moved the date back to the 9th to allow all PTQ attendees to come.

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    My sympathies go out to the Bay Area UFS players and everyone who knew him. As someone who has had to live through two very close people who chose to commit suicide, it is a very difficult thing for friends and family. Not only the loss itself, but also trying to wrap your mind around the reason why.

    However it is a great thing you are organizing in his memory.

    As an additional thought: Perhaps you could raise money for his favorite charity or for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (

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